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Bold Italian flavours and hand-crafted pasta

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Emilia’s Crafted Pasta

Winter 2016

A brand new independent Italian pasta restaurant has opened in St. Katharine Docks, bringing bold Italian flavours and hand-crafted pasta to our community.

After eating his way around Italy and bringing Head Chef Simone Stagnitto over to London from Genoa, Andrew Macleod is now blissfully watching the fruits of his labour mature. St. Katharine Docks is the location for the first ever Emilia’s Crafted Pasta – ‘Emilia’s’ referring to the Emilia-Romagna region in Italy where pasta is king, and ‘Crafted’ highlighting the fact that every strand of parppardelle, every fold of casarecce and every square of ravioli is made on site every morning by the Emilia’s team, of whom the vast majority are Italian.

“We looked at many locations around London in our search for the first ever Emilia’s restaurant, and we fell in love with the beauty and heritage of St. Katharine Docks. We quickly forgot the other places we looked at – the Docks have a unique blend of residential, office and tourism that creates a village atmosphere. We were also encouraged by what the estate-owner Blackstone is doing here – actively encouraging independent retailers and brands, which adds to the area’s creative and bespoke nature.”

Emilia’s Crafted Pasta stems from Andrew’s childhood passion for pasta, and he decided to open a restaurant after seeing pasta relegated to a poor third choice on many menus: “Pasta is an afterthought in so many restaurants – even those that claim to be Italian,” says Andrew. “Emilia’s is here to celebrate fresh pasta, which is complemented by locally-sourced fresh ingredients and specialist products we source direct from Italy. We’ve created a relaxed, casual dining environment at St. Katharine Docks, with no need to book and a simple menu that focuses on the quality of the dishes, not the quantity. The view from inside or from one of our outside tables is amazing, and if you ever tire of gazing at the marina (which I don’t think is possible), the diners can watch our chefs at work by way of our open kitchen.

Everything on the menu at Emilia’s is a taste or experience people would struggle to recreate at home, with a number of dishes appearing in the UK for the first time. “I’d be in Italy, be served something amazing and think wow, ‘this must go on the menu.’ I’d take a photo, send it to the chefs and say ‘recreate this’. We’re proud to be serving meals that have a true Italian heritage, with complex flavours and authentic combinations. We have also been careful to elevate comforting favourites and avoid pastiches.”