St Katharine Docks

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Easter Architour

Over Easter weekend, we're hosting our annual Easter Egg Hunt but with a technological twist. Exploring the engineering and architectural history of the area, the Easter Architour will harness modern-day technologies to provide a unique Easter egg hunt experience.

The Easter Architour takes place all around the picturesque Docks, taking in the Docks’ Centre and West Basins and its architectural landmarks including the Haven Building, Marble Quay, Ivory House, Commodity Quay, International House and the Coronarium.

Search for clues to win the coveted hunt prize whilst learning about the architecture and engineering of our historic London landmark. Use a smart phone to scan codes which will give clues of where to find a stash of Egg Tokens and there will be SKD reps on hand for extra guidance. 

St. Katharine Docks is steeped in technological and architectural history, having been built by renowned Scottish engineer, Thomas Telford, in 1828. The SKD Architour will highlight the Docks interesting past and examples of innovation in an engaging and fun way, encouraging children to engage with technology to take on the interactive Easter challenge.

A truly memorable Easter experience for children, parents and the local community!

The hunt will take place between 19 April – 22 April, from 11am-4pm daily. Visit the Marina Reception (50 St Katharines Way) to get started.