St Katharine Docks

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Fish Fight Back!

New campaign #FFSLDN, which aims to stem the flow of litter into the River Thames, will be holding a 'Fish Fight Back' Water Zorbing event here at St. Katharine Docks on Thursday 3rd August from 11am - 3pm. 

Participants will have a chance to manoeuvre a specially-designed fish-shaped zorb across the picturesque Docks in order to raise awareness of the harm to marine life, both in the river and out to sea, as a result of littering. 

For Fish’s Sake #FFSLDN is a positive, tongue-in-cheek campaign led by environmental charity Hubbub which aims to encourage London’s residents, commuters and tourists to take action.  In addition to Zorbing, visitors will be entertained by scuba men handing out fish and chips sweets and an educational film playing on the Dock’s floating pontoon. 

There will also be people from #FFSLDN on hand to answer questions, as well as other campaign ‘interventions’ such as the ‘cabinet of curiosities’ which displays some of the more unusual items that have been pulled out of the Thames.

We advise that you bring a change of clothes as it's likely you'll get a little wet inside the zorb! 


Gavin Ellis Co-founder of Hubbub said:

 “Many people don’t think of themselves as ‘someone who drops litter’ because they’re not throwing it on the floor, they’re carefully placing it somewhere – whether that be next to a bin or on a prominent ledge. When close to the Thames there is a good chance this will end up in the river.

 There are 125 species of fish in the River Thames  and 70% have plastic in their gut. This event sends out a playful message that the fish would like to fight back!”


We look forward to seeing you on the water!

Zorbing is strictly first come first served and cannot be pre-booked in advance. Participants must be 16 or over.