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London Yacht Show

Lndon Yacht Show Re-Scheduled to 2020

The organisers of the London Yacht Show have announced the postponement of the 2019 edition of the event and rescheduled to 2020 to ensure the delivery of a high-quality on-water show, with the scale and breadth to attract full participation of the industries it is aimed at. Following extensive consultation with key stakeholders and brands within the UK yachting industry, the event had been rebranded and relaunched with a focus on the high-end boating and luxury goods market - building on the previous London On Water Show.


With this greater focus and ambition, the London Yacht Show was rescheduled to launch here at St. Katharine Docks, providing the opportunity to showcase yachts on water, alongside a floating luxury pavilion, creating a unique experience for exhibitors and visitors alike. The event was launched to the market in December 2018, with a plan to run from 8-12 May 2019. This generated a huge amount of industry interest and excitement, with many of the UK's largest yachting brands signing up for the show and numerous other stakeholder's pledging support and commitment.


Andrew Williams, President Maritime Group, said:

"Since an initial burst of interest in the London Yacht show, take-up has slowed from some segments of the industry and from luxury brands. And so, with just over a month to go until the planned launch, overall commitment to the event is not at the level required to deliver a show with the profile, scale and market breadth the industry asked for and deserves in London. Following extensive consultation with key stakeholders, we therefore believe it is in everyone's interest to postpone the show until next year."