Dunkirks at the Docks – ADLS Commemorative Cruise

St Katharine Docks will be hosting what is thought to be ‘the largest UK gathering of Dunkirk Little Ships in years’ again.

The Dunkirk evacuation​, code-named Operation Dynamo, saw the evacuation of Allied soldiers during World War II from the beaches and harbour of Dunkirk, in the north of France, between 26 May and 4 June 1940. A collection of approximately 850 private boats and 20 warships participated in Operation Dynamo and more than 200 ships were lost. Known as ‘Little Ships’, many of these courageous vessels live on, privately owned and exquisitely preserved.

As part of its Commemorative Cruise, the Association of Dunkirk Little Ships fleet will be arriving on Thursday 23rd and opening doors over the weekend.

Look out for a list of boats in attendance coming soon.

The pontoons will be open to the public:

Saturday 11am-5pm

Dunkirks at the Docks – ADLS Commemorative Cruise

25 May 2024
Free entry