Tea Dance

Tea lovers near and far are invited to St. Katharine Docks’ annual tea-dance party on 23rd May to kick off our Special Services Weekend!

Immerse yourselves in authentic vintage music from the 1920s to the 1950s, glamorous period costumes and dancing displays, and enjoy tea and biscuits on the waterside.

Everyone is welcome to participate, from beginners to advanced dancers, so come along on your own, with your friends, or a partner and enjoy the fun! The lessons with the ‘Round in Circles’ dance troop will take place between 1pm-4pm.

St Katharine Docks officially opened in 1828 but can trace its history back to the 10th century, and has strong links with the tea industry. The Docks were at the centre of Britain’s roaring commercial trade, handling valuable cargoes from Europe, the West Indies, Africa and the Far East, including sugar, rum, spices and of course, tea.

Tea Dance

23 May 2024
Free entry