08 May 2019

“We’re all about adding to the community as well as amazing workouts.”

We’ve been watching with interest as the new F45 Tower Hill gym takes shape in International House. Ahead of its launch, we thought we’d take a closer look at what’s in store.

Functionally fit

F45 stands for ‘Functional Training 45’. Each 45-minute class revolves around functional movement exercises – the kind of actions we use in our day-to-day lives.

In Principle Director Adam Howse’s words, it’s a “small, group fitness studio that puts technology at the heart of the workout.” Three big screens at the front guide you through the exercises, and two trainers focus on giving everyone moral and technical support.

“What really sets F45 apart though,” says Adam “is that we never do the same workout twice – ever. F45 headquarters in Australia runs algorithms to make sure of that. So it’s always challenging. We’re always mixing it up. You never get bored.”

That variety’s certainly proved popular – after just four years, there are over a thousand F45 gyms worldwide.

Group fitness, with a personal approach 
With class numbers ranging from 27 to 36 there’s a flavour of personal training, but with a studio camaraderie. “We get people who love group fitness,” Adam continues. “But we also get people from pure cardio or weights, and others who simply don’t want your standard, run-of-the-mill gym.” Broadly speaking, F45 classes are 60/40 female to male, so everyone feels they belong.

Broken Hill to Tower Bridge
Adam hails from Broken Hill, a small outback town in New South Wales. Growing up, sport was pretty much all there was to do. A move to the city saw him catch the F45 fitness bug. Then, when he landed here in London with his husband, he saw an opportunity to go into business together. His favourite class? The T10 – a punishing mix of weights and cardio, which he can’t wait to see in his new gym.

Taking fitness further
That said; he’s just as excited about developing some inter-studio rivalry. The F45 Playoffs are already a big deal in Australia, where a touring, purpose-built stage hosts competitive F45 sessions. “We’re looking to launch the Playoffs here,” says Adam. “But for now, Tower Bridge members will be able to compete against other F45 studios. So if you want it, you can get that competitive edge.”

On a different note, some classes focus a little more on fun. Trailblazer finishes with a run around the docks that ends in a café. And Hollywood, a mixture of weights and cardio (somehow managed in fancy dress), is sound-tracked by an in-studio DJ.

As Adam’s keen to point out: “we want to add an extra dimension to the community – and with the business and residential mix here in the Docks, it’s a really exciting place to be.

F45 Tower Hill membership starts at £220/month. Tenants and local residents get discounts when signing up for longer periods. And if you’re in two minds, why not try the free one-week trial?


St. Katharine Docks

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