08 May 2019

If you take a stroll around the Docks, you might notice three new yellow rings floating on the surface of the water. They’re the tops of our new Seabins – which are set to play a valuable role in our efforts to keep the marina sparkling clean.

What’s a Seabin? Well, it’s essentially a large floating rubbish collector. Plug it in (to an everyday outdoor mains), and its underwater pump will start sucking surface water into the top of the bin and out through a bag. As you might guess, the bag catches any rubbish – down to microplastics just 2mm in size.

They’re currently in the West Dock and Central basin, and we think they’ll together catch about 500kg of rubbish each year. Every bit helps: 300 tonnes of debris is already picked out of the Thames each year. That’s about the weight of 43 bottlenose whales.

A new innovation

Seabins have been on our radar for a while, and we’re really pleased to be among the first in the UK to have them beavering away collecting rubbish.

The idea behind them was dreamed up by surfers Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski. They wanted to do something to help rid the oceans of pollution, and designed the bins to be used around marinas, docks, yacht clubs and commercial ports.

They’re an impressive piece of kit – capable of catching 90,000 plastic bags, 35,700 disposable cups, 16,500 plastic bottles or 166,500 plastic knives and forks each year.

They’re just one part of our drive to be a greener marina; along with our support for initiatives like For Fish’s Sake and The Whale Company.

If you’ve any bright ideas on how to make the Docks even cleaner for residents, workers and visitors, please email us at 


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