Discover a marine oasis in the centre of London

St Katharine Docks, situated on the east side of Tower Bridge, is a tranquil oasis that offers a variety of dining and leisure activities. Despite being located close to the Tower of London; this serene location has managed to maintain its peaceful environment. St Katharine Docks has a rich history, dating back to the 12th Century, and continues to serve as a bustling hub for boats, as well as a popular destination for locals and tourists to unwind and have fun.

The Melusine

“Great meal - the langoustines were excellent, succulent and juicy.”

White Mulberries

“We came for the banana bread, and were not disappointed”



Central London’s only marina

We offer great facilities in a stunning setting and a welcoming place for vessels from all over the world.

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Tranquil and serene, St Katharine Docks offer a relaxed atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else in central London. Enjoy a vibrant mix of places to eat, things to do and lovely views to see in this diverse and welcoming destination.

2,055–25,817 sq ft
2,055–25,817 sq ft
2,055–25,817 sq ft