08 May 2019

“These problems are too important to be poorly communicated”

Earth Day falls on the 22nd April this year. And to properly mark the event, Gavin Ellis, founder of environmental campaigners Hubbub, will be coming down to the Docks to talk us through his work.

Causing a hubbub
Hubbub is the brains behind the St. Katherine Docks sponsored Poly-Mer, the world’s first recycled plastic boat (built by the makers of Gloriana, the Queen’s Rowbarge and our regular neighbour).

But over the last four years, they’ve produced a number of fresh, positive campaigns about sustainability that are linked to everyday life.

Not your typical environmental charity

Gavin says it was a reaction to his previous work for other organisations in the area, “what drove us to do it, was the frustration that while the scientific evidence behind environmental issues were getting stronger and stronger – public opinion seemed to have plateaued.

“We felt we could focus the public’s energy better, with campaigns that connect with the issues, rather than simply explain them or create an urgency that makes them seem overwhelming.”

Fun, factual and compelling

One of their most successful projects so far is the Poly-Mer boat. Made from 99% recycled plastic, it takes schoolkids and Canary Wharf’s workers out on ‘plastic fishing trips’ to collect plastic that’s floating around the Docklands.

For Mother’s Day earlier this year, they ran a ‘gift a bundle’ campaign with Mothercare. It helps mums redistribute unwanted clothes – a gift from one mother to another – and is the perfect example of how they weave their ideas into events everyone takes part in.

As Gavin points out, “linking our campaigns to these universal days means our work’s relatable, and has less of an ‘environmental’ theme.

In saying that; Earth Day is a fantastic way of grabbing headlines around the world. And in my talk, I’ll be focusing a fair bit around one of its key aims: ending plastic pollution.”

And if he could change one thing? “I’d love to find a way for people to eat a little less meat. I’m not saying to go veggie or vegan. Just that if everyone cut meat out of a couple of meals each week it would make a colossal difference.”

Gavin will be talking about these topics and lots more at our special Earth Day talk on our Floating Event Pontoon on Thursday 19th April at 6pm. Go to our events page now to book your free seat.

St. Katharine Docks

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